Joff Smith

Worcester City Council – District 1

Joff Smith

Was first elected to the Worcester City Council in November of 2005 at age 24, to become the youngest person ever elected in Worcester.  I was re-elected to a 2nd two-year term in 2007, and won re-election to my 3rd term in 2009.

I served on the City Council because I believe in Worcester. I am a young professional, who has lived here all of my life, bought a home here, and continues to build my business here. I see hope for Worcester.

I worked to expand the tax base, so that we could stabilize the tax bills of Worcester’s homeowners. I worked to bring new business to our city, and help the businesses that are already here.

I am a strong voice for our city. I have a clear vision of what Worcester needs to be to attract, and keep young people here.

I worked to keep class sizes small, and ensure that our kids get the quality education that they deserve.

I am concerned about neighborhood issues, such as the quality of life, the quality of our streets and sidewalks, and ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe places to raise families.

I believe we need a vibrant downtown, but we also need vibrant neighborhoods, and well maintained parks for people to enjoy.

I am visible. I met with neighborhood groups, and listened to their concerns.

I see a new Worcester.  A Worcester where young people will stay and work, raise families, and make Worcester a better place for all of us.

That’s why I have been proud to serve on the Worcester City Council for 6 years, and represent District 1 the way it deserved to be!

Thank you for allowing me to be your humble public servant! 

I look forward to spending more time working in my financial services business, Joffrey Smith Financial Group.  You can visit me online at


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