Joff’s City Council Committees:

Chair – Traffic & Parking
Economic Development
Youth, Parks & Recreation

What Have You Done For Me Lately?


Joff Works for You!  In his current term he…

-  Helped initiate a $43M Streets and Sidewalks improvement program.

-  Secured funding for planting of city street trees & removal of tree stumps.

-  Voted for the lowest residential tax rate to keep taxes down for homeowners.

-  Proposed a small business tax exemption to lower taxes for small businesses.

-  Implemented health care reforms to avoid employee lay-offs and cuts in city services.

-  Secured funding for major improvements to the West Boylston St. corridor.

-  Secured the funding and selected the resurfacing of every sidewalk on Burncoat St. that needed it.

-  Voted to increase the property tax exemption and income and asset limits for eligible elderly homeowners.

-  Voted to increase the lifeline rate for eligible elderly ratepayers to reduce their water/sewer bills.

-  Secured funding for improvements to Kendrick Park.

-  Secured funding to initiate the master plan for a new Indian Hill Park.

-  Secured funding for improvements at Joe Schwartz Little League.

-  Secured funding for significant school building rehabilitation projects at Doherty High, Burncoat High, Clark St. School, and Flagg St. School.

-  Helped implement an energy conservation and building modernization program for city-owned buildings which will save the City $1.4M per year and create hundreds of jobs.

-  Secured funding for design of an improved intersection at Shore Dr./Holden St./ & Drummond Ave. to improve safety and alleviate traffic back-ups.

-  Helped make PILOT a reality as we now have money from colleges going towards the library and parks every year.

-  As member of the Economic Development committee worked with developers of City Square, CSX and Gateway Park for hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in the city and hundreds of new jobs created.

Joff returns all constituent phone calls and works with them to solve their issues.



Joff Smith became the youngest person ever elected to the Worcester City Council at the age of 24. He is now serving his 3rd term, and wants to continue to serve our city.  Joff has been a leader through the current fiscal crisis to maintain core services through reforms rather than increased taxes. He has supported the redirection of over $120M from healthcare expenses to direct city services such as education and public safety.  

Joff Smith on the Issues

Job Creation
Joff will continue to make job creation one of his top priorities.  He has worked to expand the tax base through economic development so we can keep taxes down for everyone, while creating jobs.  He will work to fund programs to support emerging industries like life sciences and green technology, while also supporting businesses that are already here.  Individuals, families and businesses are facing unprecedented financial hardships. Too many people find themselves struggling to find a job, facing foreclosure, or needing assistance with rising healthcare costs. Joff will be there to provide leadership through this crisis and be responsive to the needs of his district and the city.

Joff is a proud graduate of the Worcester Public Schools in the district.  He will continue to support education funding as a top priority. He believes it is essential that everyone have access to a quality education with small class sizes.  We need adequate funding for early childhood education and our K-12 schools, while attracting and retaining top teachers.

Public Safety                                                                                                                       Joff is concerned about neighborhood issues such as the quality of life.  He will continue to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe places to raise families.  He supported funding the WPD Summer and Fall Impact units for an increased police presence, so we remain the safest city in New England.

Small Businesses and Healthcare 
Joff believes that small businesses are vital to the local economy by creating jobs and spurring economic growth. The exorbitant increases in healthcare costs are a significant barrier to economic growth. This is taking away money that small businesses could use to hire more workers, fund capital expenditures, and make other investments that strengthen our economy. Joff supports legislation to help small businesses that would require both healthcare providers and insurers to limit their costs and be more transparent.

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